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  • What is The Online Qualifiers



    Online qualifiers is a free online case analysis challenge held by CYBL.


    Every month CYBL website and wewchat account will release a case study topic.


    Students will participate as a team including 2-4 people and use English to write a case analysis regarding the material provided.


    Teams will have to upload their case analysis in PDF in a limited time. Notice every team can only upload one case study at a time.


    The committee will compare and rank all the cases and the result will be released at the same time as the next topic comes out.


    Teams that perform well will be qualified to participate CYBL 2020 national championship and awarded scholarships for Horizon online research programs.

  • 2019 Online Qualifiers Schedule



    11th, Sep

    Round 1 Announced


    25​th, Sep

    Due date for Round 1


    16​th, Oct

    Round 2 Announced & Declaration of Round 1 Results


    30​th, Oct

    Due date for Round 2


    13​th, Nov

    Round 3 Announced & Declaration of Round 2 Results


    27th, Nov

    Due date for Round 3


    11th, Dec

    Declaration of Round 3 Results

  • Notices

    1. Online qualifier is open to middle & high school students, one team includes 2-4 students.


    2. Participants can only join one team every month, they can change a team in the second month.


    3. Every team can only hand in one case analysis and no revise or change is allowed after handing in.


    4. Teams must finish their case analysis by themselves. Plagiarism, written by other people, help by (but not limited to) economists, parents and other students are not allowed. Otherwise team will be disqualified from the tryouts.


    5. Participants must provide complete and accurate personal information.


    6. Teams will be considered eligible for the qualifier once finishing team information and handing in case analysis. There is no registration fee for qualifier


    7. Materials for sign up must be real and qualified. Committee has the right to disqualify participants if there's fake information provided.


    8. Participants must read and follow the rules and arrangements or the committee will disqualify participants.


    9. During the qualifies, committee has the right to make changes to the schedule and relative arrangements to make sure that the contest will proceed more efficiently.


    10. Participants need to respect the results. If there are any questions or disagreements to the result, they may contact the committee after the contest on contact@chinaybl.cn.


    11. Those who finishes signing up are considered to fully read the notices and will follow all the notices as listed.


    12. Note: What is left unmentioned in notices may be added or revised by CYBL.

  • Online Qualifier Case

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