• Frequently Asked Questions


  • What if students don’t have any business experience?


    CYBL was created with the goal of introducing students to business concepts. This means that we do not expect students to have a strong background in business, but rather just an interest. Our website provides many resources to help students feel more comfortable, from different training videos to a reading list of books related to business.


    CYBL allows students to customize their experience with different events with varying levels of difficulty. This allows CYBL to be accessible for beginners and challenging for more experienced students.


    We are always happy to arrange trainings and workshops for interested schools in our member network.


    What types of students compete in CYBL competitions?


    Students of all experience levels are invited to compete in CYBL tournaments. CYBL was created with the understanding that interested students may not have prior experience with business or economics, so background knowledge is not a necessary prerequisite. Our events are designed to be a place to both learn new business skills and practice existing ones.


    CYBL offers high school and university divisions, so both high school and university students are eligible to compete.

  • What is the background of CYBL judges?


    To ensure the highest quality of education all of our judges and instructors are very experienced in business. We select our judges from a network of professionals to give our students exposure to people with a wide variety of real-world experience.


    Most of our judges are graduates from top universities and have spent years working in a wide variety of business-related fields. Previous CYBL judges have been entrepreneurs, consultants, PHDs in economics, accountants, heads of embassy commerce departments, and CEOs and CTOs from startups in education, technology, and media.


    Is CYBL just for students who want to study abroad?


    CYBL can benefit all students. For those who want to study abroad, CYBL can improve one’s academic background, strengthen a résumé or college application, and familiarize students with topics taught at American business schools.


    For those who want to study in China, CYBL can help students get exposure to an international business environment, meet new people, improve their English abilities, and cultivate an interest in business.

  • Why does CYBL use the Harvard case analysis method?


    CYBL aims to teach business through immersing students in real-world problems, covering a variety of business topics such as accounting, finance, economics, and marketing.


    CYBL challenges students by teaching critical thinking and creative problem solving skills using the case method pioneered by the Harvard Business School. The case method requires students to analyze a case problem, decide on a best-fit solution, and present the details of their decision to a judge. The cases students will analyze are based on real world situations, providing valuable experience and expanding students’ horizons.


    How difficult is it to win awards in regional tournaments?


    Each student who completes the competition will receive a certificate from CYBL. If a student participates in 100% of the modules their certificate will be upgraded to an honors certificate.


    The top three performers in each module and the case analysis presentation will receive trophies. At larger tournaments, award certificates will go to top performers besides the top three.

  • How should students prepare for CYBL competitions?


    You should attend a free training at your school. We offer trainings to any CYBL member school that requests one. If your school has not scheduled a training, you can use our website to schedule one.

    1. The main event at a CYBL competition is a team case presentation: a team of students will analyze a business situation and then present their recommendation to a panel of judges. Thus, students will need to form teams of 2-4 people.
    2. Modules and cases will change from tournament to tournament so it is important that students review CYBL rules for each specific tournament.
    3. We are offering sample cases and tests for every module to allow students to get familiar with the format. It will be useful for you to practice these samples before you attend the tournament so you are familiar with the content.
    4. CYBL competitions might use some unfamiliar business vocabulary. We have compiled a list of business words and terms that you will find helpful for our competitions.


    If my English is not good, will it affect my tournament score?


    CYBL tests a student's ability to do business analysis, work well as a team, and exhibit logical thinking. It is not a test of how well a student speaks English and students will not lose points for making English mistakes. Rather, students are scored based on the quality and depth of their recommendations.


    While CYBL is conducted in English, we give students bilingual directions and have bilingual staff at every tournament. We understand students are always interested in improving their language skills and we recommend reading a news article and watching a short business or science-related news video every day.