CYBL Tournament Format

  • CYBL Tournament Format



    CYBL has a network of online qualifiers, a national championship, and annual special events in America. Every year, CYBL holds tournaments to allow students interested in business to compete head to head. The best performing teams at each regional tournament earn an invitation to participate at our national championship in Shanghai.


    Each national championship consists of 3 challenges:

    • Case Analysis - Group work on an original case study under the guidance of an experienced judge.
    • Case Presentations - Presenting your solution to the case problem, backed up by logic and evidence.
    • Accounting Challenge - Students showcase their accounting skills in an individual, test-based challenge.
    • Business Modules - A training followed by a game, activity, or challenge taken from economics, finance and marketing.



    Each section is preceded by a training to teach students all the business concepts needed for the module. This means that CYBL events are the perfect place for even complete beginners to learn a variety of business skills. Students who are more advanced can then strive to win the competitive portions and be rewarded for their efforts. Each event within the tournament piece is scored and separately and has its own awards.

  • Online Qualifiers


    Online qualifiers are free online case analysis challenge held by CYBL. Students need to use English to write a case analysis regarding the material provided. Teams that perform well will be qualified to participate CYBL 2020 national championship and awarded scholarships for Horizon online research programs.

    HUEA Harvard Youth Business Summit


    Organized by the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA) and the Chinese Youth Business League (CYBL), the HUEA Harvard Youth Business Summit brings together Harvard Business School professors and prominent leaders in the field of finance for discussion and interaction.

    National Championship


    The National Championship is held every summer in collaboration with the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA). Participants have the opportunity to compete against, and network with, top performing students from all over the country.