• CYBL National Championship


    CYBL 2020 National Championship

    CYBL National Championship is an annual event facing the most talented young business elites across China. Those who got the first place at online tryouts, got prize at HUEA Harvard Youth Business Summit and camp students are qualified for this contest.Participants have the opportunity to compete against and network with top performing students from all over the country. The winner will have the opportunity for internships in well-known companies.


    • Winning awards at CYBL National Championship is a great proof of student's comprehensive abilities, including but not limited to teamwork, time management, research ability, critical thinking and public speaking skills.
    • Many students add the experience of winning awards at CYBL National Championship awards to polish their resumes for university applications. High performing students have receiving the offer from their favorite schools.
    • CYBL National Championship is a big challenge to student’s comprehensive abilities. Students can not only network with top performing peers, they can also apply what they have learnt at National Championship to their future studies. This is one important reason why students who are studying abroad also choose to participate in CYBL National Championship.
  • Number of Participants

    • On average, 180 - 220 outstanding middle school and high school students attend the CYBL National Championship annually.
    • Every year 45 - 60 top performing teams from across China will travel to Shanghai with the aim of winning CYBL National Championship trophies.





    • In order to guarantee the academic rigor, professionalism, fairness at the CYBL National Championship, CYBL’s organizing committee will place a strict selection criteria and supervision on the selected judges.
    • CYBL organizing committee will invite outstanding students from Harvard University as a part of CYBL's academic partnership with Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA) or accomplished members of student organizations at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania to work as instructors and judges for CYBL National Championship.
    • Furthermore, CYBL organizing committee will recruit qualified and dedicated judges from regional competitions across the country. Most of CYBL’s judges have at least a Master degree in business and/or work as managers in multinational companies. 
    • In addition to exceptional students from Harvard University and Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, previous CYBL judges have been accomplished entrepreneurs, consultants, Economics Ph.D's, and senior executives from startups in education, tech, and media. 




    Qualifications For National Championship

    • Students who got the first place at 2019-2020 online qualifiers.
    • Teams that won prize at HUEA Harvard Youth Business Summit.
    • Students who has joined CYBL Summer Camp.
    • Outstanding individual students can apply independently, and the organizing committee will assess student's eligibility.(Click here to check your eligibility)
    • Students recommended by CYBL member schools (Each member school can recommend at most 1-2 groups of students to National Championship)



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