• China Youth Business League

    The China Youth Business League (CYBL) is raising a new generation of business leaders, through competitions that recreate the teaching method of top business schools. At a CYBL competition, case studies let students make major decisions, handle crises, and learn the details of an industry, from the perspective of a business leader. The case study method gives students intellectual tools and industry knowledge that they can go on to use in the financial or consulting sectors.

  • Innovative Model

    CYBL competitions consist of case analysis and elective modules. This format sculpts a student's business acumen and cultivate their interest in a variety of business topics.

    Variety of Business Topics

    CYBL competitions encompass in accounting, marketing, economics, and finance. All materials and cases are original creations of the CYBL instructors and each competition will have a new case about a relevant topic in business.

    Exchange of Academic Knowledge

    CYBL provides students with a perfect platform to communicate and compete with high performing peers who share their interests.

    Professional Instruction

    All CYBL instructors are graduates from top universities and have extensive experience in business.

  • Student Experiences

    Hong Limin | 2019 National Championship, First Place in Marketing

    Shanghai High School International Division


    CYBL is where Limin discovered that she was interested in economics, and discovered that expressing herself in front of a large audience was not only possible but fun, when she had the chance to discuss what mattered. (Click here to view the full interview)



    Lin Xuanzhu | 2019 National Championship, First Place in Marketing

    Fuzhou No. 3 Middle School


    Xuanzhu came away from the championship with more than her trophy. “The past ten days have been really special for me,” she said. “My favorite memory was when my friends throughout camp received rewards in other categories. That moment filled me with excitement.” (Click here to view the full interview)





    Chen Haoyun​ | 2019 National Championship, First Place in Marketing

    Shanghai High School International Division


    The journey is enjoyable, and the end product is sweet. In Chen’s heart, the weight of winning his trophy and the bonds he developed with his teammates goes hand in hand. From basic teamwork to building complex analytical models, Chen gained new knowledge within the business sphere. (Click here to view the full interview)



    Li Zilin​ | 2019 National Championship, First Place in Marketing

    Shanghai High School International Division


    At the end of Li’s speech, CYBL’s Academic Instructor, Sunny, invited Li and his team to re-do and record their revised speech. Li felt that his performance this time around was satisfactory. When the competition’s results were announced, Li scored exceptionally and won first place. Indeed, Li received a perfect score.  (Click here to view the full interview)



    Zhu Lin | 2019 National Championship, Second Place in Case Presentation, 6th Place in Marketing

    Chengdu Foreign Languages School​


    CYBL was the first time Zhu Lin participated in a business competition. Entering the tournament, Zhu felt that through the course of the competition, she could recognize her flaws and correct them one by one. The Case Presentation Sequence attracted her most. “CYBL is very challenging and fast-paced,” Zhu said. “It is a good platform and you are able to improve on a lot of areas such as communication, organization, and collaboration.” (Click here to view the full interview)



    Zheng Yu - 2018 National Championship, 4th Place in Marketing, 6th Place in Case Presentation, 6th in Finance and Economics, and 9th in Accounting​

    Jinhua No.1 High School


    Zheng has over 20,000 followers on Bilibilithe Billibilli Platform and is now a College Student at the University of Toronto. She has won four awards across the regional and national Tournaments. Indeed, the friends and teachers who worked with her in CYBL now hold a warm presence in her heart. “The business major I applied for largely revolves around leadership and the well-roundness of students,” Zheng said. “Participating in CYBL has greatly broadened my horizons and exercised my abilities.” (Click here to view the full interview)



  • Past National Championship

    CYBL Tournament Format